Here is what our clients have to say about working with us.
  1. “Cathy understands the needs of the AV-IT Industry. She has terrific instincts for discovering highly-talented, client-focused, team players at all levels. I would highly recommend Cathy Steinberg.” 
    President of a National AV-IT firm
  2. Hi Steve! Thanks for checking on me - I could not be happier with my transition to my new company! The best part is the way we both sold the position as more general than specific and it enables me to cross all product lines which I totally enjoy and which takes advantage of my experience. I made sales calls last week and the prospects are excellent! So again I thank you for the specific efforts on my behalf! It would not have happened without you! Best regards Tom
  3. I had the pleasure of partnering with Cathy on several recruitments... Not only was Cathy a great recruiter but she takes the time to understand the needs of the business and knows how to effectively work with her business partners. VP Director & Business Development
  4. I have not met a recruiter who is better specialized and knowledgeable in a specific industry. If you at ever looking for Audio Visual recruitment it will be Rick Best.
    Dick Quartemont, Principal Owner at A Cornerstone Company, Llc.
  5. I have worked with Peter now for a long time now and have always enjoyed working with a true pro. He understands the search business, the needs of his clients and the overall candidate experience. He is a strong strategic partner and great recruiter. Managing Partner & Founder, Worldbridge Partners
  6. Rick was born with a personality to work with the public. He makes all his clients feel important and like they are the most important to him.
    Gordon Harper, K-12 Sales Manager
  7. Rick seems to know the AV industry and found me several positions when I thought none were available. If I were looking for a position the first person I would call is Rick.
    Christine Wakefield
  8. Cathy is a true professional. Her knowledge and skills at finding the right person for the right job is extraordinary. Cathy handles each client as if it were her only client. She takes time to learn about you as an individual and promotes you to clients that are a true fit for your lifestyle and professional background. Construction Manager